Remodeling Your Kitchen and Bathroom


3 Reasons to Use Gloss Instead of Matt Tiles for Your Kitchen Splashback

Kitchen backsplashes are an ideal way to keep your walls free from stains and marks, but it can seem like an uphill struggling picking out the right type of backsplash for your kitchen renovation. Most people land on a ceramic or porcelain tile, but there are still choices that need to be made, and one of the most important is whether to opt for a matt finish or a glo

3 Gorgeous Ideas For Your Spa-Like Bathroom Remodelling Project

Modern bathrooms have come along way in recent years and are no longer simple, functional and fairly uninspiring spaces these days. Modern homeowners are now looking for a stylish, beautiful and welcoming look in their bathroom that makes it a space that is a pleasure to spend time in. Recreating the serene, elegant and sophisticated look of a spa retreat is a popular

Please Don't Get Burned! Kitchen Remodelling Tasks You Should Leave to the PROS

Have you heard that your friend's poured-on-site concrete countertop has cracked a few months after installation? Or how your neighbour's pro-style range ripped the moulding off the back door on its way into the house? The end goal of your kitchen remodeling project is a smart looking, functional space that could be a source of a little neighbourly envy, efficiency, a

Two steps you should take to ensure you are happy with the end results of your kitchen remodelling project

Remodelling your kitchen is an expensive and laborious process. As such, it's important to make sure that you love the end results of the project. Here are two ways to do this. Don't use too many trendy colours and features Colours and decorative themes that are considered to be 'on-trend' will, of course, date very quickly. In most cases, they will be out of style in

What's On your Wish List? Must-Have Kitchen Features that a Remodelling Genie Will Grant You!

When it comes to kitchen designs, it's important to think big, especially if you want to achieve your dream kitchen. After all, setting your bar high could lead to great results. Now that you have an upcoming remodeling for a new kitchen, you can have it all – and more! Some of these features are extravagant while others are downright practical, but all are worth cons