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7 Commercial Renovation Ideas to Help You Display More Inventory in Your Store

When you're remodeling a retail store, you need to think about how you want foot traffic to flow, but beyond that, you may have additional objectives. For instance, you may want to remodel your store in a way that allows you to display more merchandise. Here are some ideas to consider.

1. Get Rid of Drop Ceilings

A lot of retail spaces tend to have drop ceilings. These ceilings consist of a metal framework that holds sound-absorbing tiles in place. However, they often cover unique old ceilings including ceilings full of antique metal tiles or exposed beams, and they cut down on the headspace in your shop.

If you have a drop ceiling, get rid of it. When you remove that ceiling. It increases the potential height of your shelves or other displays.

2. Opt for Floor-to-Ceiling Displays

Whether you remove a drop ceiling or not, consider putting in floor-to-ceiling displays. Many retail establishments use shelves or displays that don't get close to the ceiling, and that space is just wasted.

So these displays are accessible, you will need ladders running up them. Alternatively, you can put items that you want customers to be able to grab on the lower part of the shelves, and you can use the upper parts for displays.

3. Use the Ceiling

You can even display some items from the ceiling. To that end, you may want to hang some displays from the ceiling. You can even hang clothing racks, some shelves and similar types of displays from the ceiling.

4. Optimise the Windows

Windows can be essential for daylighting purposes or to let customers look into your shop from the outside. However, if you have to leave the space near your windows open, that cuts down on your available display space. If it works for your shop, you can basically get rid of the windows and put shelves or displays in front of them.

If you want to retain the windows, then, you can put in window displays. That allows you to display merchandise in the windows, while still enjoying the light that comes from the windows.

5. Add More Storage Areas

When doing a commercial renovation, you don't just want to focus on the front of your store. You may also want to find ways to add inventory storage areas. That can involve converting offices to storage rooms, adding another story to the building for storage, digging a basement for extra storage or exploring a variety of other options.

When you have extra storage rooms, you can keep more inventory on site. If desired, you could even change the model of your store slightly. Just display a handful of items in the actual store, but make those items floor models. Then, keep the actual items people are going to purchase in the back of the store.

6. Opt for Display Cases That Optimise Space

The display cases you select can also have a large impact on how much inventory you can display. For instance, a bookshelf that holds books in the spine-out position that is popular in most libraries holds more books than a display that holds the books in a face-out manner such as a traditional magazine display.

In cases like this, you probably want to create a mix of displays. You may want some that make the books (or whatever items you are displaying) to be easily visible, but at the same time, you may also want displays that allow you to put as much inventory on the sales floor as possible.

7. Make Payment Stations Do Double Duty

Finally, if you have counters or cash wraps were people pay, make sure that those also work as displays. They could be lined with shelves or have room for inventory to be displayed next to your point-of-sale system. Your commercial renovator can help you come up with additional ideas.