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The Advantages of Heated Flooring for Your New Home

Moving into a new home can be an exciting prospect. If the property is old, you may be considering some remodelling projects that would increase its comfort factor and make the residence more energy efficient. One of the remodelling projects that you could engage in would be the installation of heated flooring. Previously considered an element for high-end properties, heated flooring is steadily being embraced in new homes for a variety of reasons. Here are some advantages of choosing to install heated flooring in your new home:

Heated flooring offers you a clean and inaudible heating system

Conventional heating in the home will require a network of ductwork to ensure the entire house has a comfortable temperature. Although the ducts are efficient at transporting heat around the home, they come with the drawback of being quite noisy. This noise can be quite disruptive particularly at night if you are a light sleeper. Another disadvantage that you would have to contend with when you opt for conventional heating is compromised air quality you do not have a rigorous maintenance schedule for your filters. A convenient alternative to consider would be underfloor heating. Since the radiant heat spreads from the ground up, you do not need ductwork that would be either noisy or spread impurities around your home.

Heated flooring is extremely efficient

A surprising fact that people may not be aware of concerning underfloor heating is how efficient it is when compared to conventional HVAC systems. The fundamental principle behind the movement of warm air is that it will rise. Thus, when you depend on an HVAC system to heat your home, you will find that warm air has to be pumped around the property. As a result, HVAC systems tend to consume more energy to ensure that the residence is adequately heated. Underfloor heating, on the other hand, makes the most of the warm air rising as the heat emitted is radiant. Thus, the home is heated evenly at a gradual pace. Not only does this consume less energy, but it also ensures that there are no cold spots in the room. Moreover, you do not have to worry about heat loss due to compromised insulation on your ductwork.

Heated flooring is a versatile alternative

A significant advantage of heated flooring is that it is not limited to any floor type. No matter what kind of floors your new home has, the remodelling contractors can easily install the heating tubes on the subflooring then re-floor the residence. Installing heated flooring would be especially convenient if you were already looking to replace the floors of your new home anyway!