Remodeling Your Kitchen and Bathroom

When to Add Custom Cabinetry to Your Home

Custom cabinetry is often much more affordable than people realise, which is one reason you might consider having custom cabinets and cupboards and other such shelving and storage added to various rooms of the home. Custom cabinetry can solve your storage issues around your house and may offer many other benefits and advantages as well. Note a few of those benefits here so you can know when you might explore the option of custom cabinetry and why it can be the best choice for your home.

When you have collections to show off

If you collect antique clocks, sports memorabilia, teacups, toys or anything else, you may not be able to easily show them off on standard shelves. Custom cabinets and shelving can be designed to a specific height and width, with lighting features and other such options that can make showing off your items much easier. You can even have special cubbyholes and shelving made for certain pieces in particular so that they stand out and are always on display.

You have special needs in the kitchen

Many families only need standard cabinets and benchtop space for cooking and food prep, but if you like to bake gourmet desserts, make pasta from scratch or have other special talents in the kitchen, you may want custom cabinets. These cabinets can be created to hold all the small appliances, pots and pans, baking sheets, utensils and other such items you use in the kitchen every single day, keeping them properly stored away but also very close at hand. Custom cabinets can be combined with features like a wine storage space or extended spice rack so that your kitchen looks cohesive and attractive while still being functional for your needs in particular.

A room has an odd layout

Most rooms in a home are square or rectangular or may have an L-shaped dining and living room combo. These shapes make it easy to add standard cabinets and shelving, as they can be placed along a wall without interfering with that footprint.

However, a home may have an odd layout, such as a curved room or very sloped ceiling that creates an A-frame, or a wall that cuts across a corner diagonally. Whatever the case, custom cabinets and shelving can be created to work around an odd shape or smaller room size so that you have proper storage without those cabinets seeming out of place. They can also maximise every square inch or centimetre of the room, no matter its overall size or footprint.