Remodeling Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Splashback Materials That Can Significantly Redefine Your Kitchen

The practical value that splashbacks provide makes them a necessary component in wet rooms such as kitchens. Nevertheless, their functionality is not the only advantage that they contribute to your space. Although ceramic materials such as porcelain are a traditional choice, you can elevate the appearance of your space by selecting alternative materials that would enhance the visual value of the room. Below are splashback materials you could choose that can significantly redefine your new kitchen installation.


The principal benefit of glass splashbacks is the versatile profiles that they are available in. When you decide to install glass splashbacks, there are different forms that you could select, including tile, brick, mosaic and more. Individuals that would want to create a clean and contemporary theme in their kitchen can opt for glass bricks for their splashbacks. On the other hand, if you would like your space to appear vibrant, colourful glass tiles are sure to inject some brightness into the space. Smaller kitchens would be best suited to reflective or mirrored glass splashbacks as these tend to make the room appear spacious and airy. Additionally, a common characteristic that all glass splashbacks possess is their ability to increase illumination, decreasing your dependence on artificial light sources.


People will typically overlook the use of cloth in their wet rooms as they assume it would be an effort in futility. Although fabric does tend to absorb moisture, you can easily contend with this by installing a glass shield or a protective coating of clear vinyl that would prevent it from being exposed to excessive moisture. Fabric splashbacks are unique and will inject a softness to the room. Moreover, the limitless options of colour palettes, textures as well as patterns ensures you can be as creative as you want with your splashbacks. Choose fabric splashbacks that would be complementary to visual elements that stand out in your kitchen such as a focal wall, cabinetry and more.


Another material that is famed for its functionality rather than its visual appeal is stone. Nevertheless, technological advancements have brought about stone splashbacks that provide unique patterns and outstanding charm to the kitchen. Stone splashbacks are best combined with other elements to bring about visual interest through striking contrasts. For instance, blending stone splashbacks with ceramic ones would break the monotony of an otherwise dull wall. On the other hand, you could mix and match stone splashbacks of different textures such as slate and marble to create a tactile contrast.