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3 Reasons to Use Gloss Instead of Matt Tiles for Your Kitchen Splashback

Kitchen backsplashes are an ideal way to keep your walls free from stains and marks, but it can seem like an uphill struggling picking out the right type of backsplash for your kitchen renovation. Most people land on a ceramic or porcelain tile, but there are still choices that need to be made, and one of the most important is whether to opt for a matt finish or a gloss finish.

Matt vs gloss simply refers the way the glaze has been finished. Gloss tiles will be rubbed down to a mirror sheen, while matt tiles look a little duller and feel a little rougher. There are no differences in terms of quality or strength, and both options come with their own pros and cons. That said, gloss tiles are usually preferable for kitchen backsplashes, and here are just three reasons why.

1. Easier to Clean

People tend to use matt tiles for flooring because their surface texture makes it much harder to slip and fall. However, it's not like you're going to be walking on your backsplash, and the texture of matt tiles comes with a very important drawback – it makes them very hard to clean. All those microscopic furrows and pits makes cleaning a real pain. In contrast, the far smoother surface of gloss tiles can be cleaned very easily with just a quick wipe – there's no resistance against cleaning, and staining compounds have nowhere to hide.

2. Catch the Light

Because the surface of a gloss tile is so smooth, any light that hits it bounces off clearly in one direction. When light hits the textured surface of a matt tile, it breaks off in all different directions. This is the reason why gloss tiles reflect light a lot better, and that's great when you're installing a kitchen backsplash. Any light that enters the kitchen will reflect off the tiles, making the room seem larger while improving interior illumination. Backsplashes are usually positioned at window height, so they're perfect for lighting up your room.

3. A More Modern Appearance

You'll be stunned by the difference a backsplash makes to your kitchen. They are very visible, and you can use them to set the tone for the entire room. Of course, that also means you need to be careful fitting them around your chosen theme. If you're into a modern traditional or rustic style, gloss tiles aren't ideal, but most kitchens now seek to adopt a modern look, and gloss tiles, with their clean and sophisticated appearance, fit flawlessly with such a design scheme.