Remodeling Your Kitchen and Bathroom

3 Gorgeous Ideas For Your Spa-Like Bathroom Remodelling Project

Modern bathrooms have come along way in recent years and are no longer simple, functional and fairly uninspiring spaces these days. Modern homeowners are now looking for a stylish, beautiful and welcoming look in their bathroom that makes it a space that is a pleasure to spend time in.

Recreating the serene, elegant and sophisticated look of a spa retreat is a popular look for many Australian homeowners. It's a way to bring the luxury and soothing aesthetic of a spa into your own home. If you're hoping to achieve this look when you remodel your bathroom, then here are three gorgeous ideas and bathroom products that you might like to incorporate.

1. Timber features

Timber is an enduringly popular material in every room of the house and it can be used to great effect in a spa-like bathroom look. The rich, warm tones of natural timber help to add a natural and soothing quality to the room which is timeless yet contemporary.

Timber vanity tops and floating timber shelving turn these standard features into things of sculptural beauty. Hardwood timber flooring is also a stunning way to use wood in the bathroom. If you like the look of timber flooring but prefer the practicality of tiles, then ceramic or porcelain timber-look tiles are the ideal compromise.

2. A decadent shower

While a beautiful, big spa bath might be the ultimate feature for a spa-style bathroom, your space and your budget may not be able to accommodate this large item. The next best option is to make sure that your shower gives you the luxurious and decadent feel of an expensive spa retreat.

Opt for the largest sized shower recess that your bathroom can comfortably fit without creating an unbalanced aesthetic with the rest of the features. A frameless glass shower screen is a great way to get maximum size with minimum visual restrictions. Finally, choose a striking and opulent shower head, like a rainfall showerhead, which looks amazing and provides a truly relaxing shower experience.

3. Beautiful accessories

Once you have the structural design of your bathroom sorted out, the final step is to dress your new space accordingly. Remember, that in a spa-like bathroom, less is more. Opt for a small number of gorgeous, well made and high-quality accessories to avoid clutter and maintain the serene and airy feel.

Clever storage is a good way to keep surfaces clear and streamlined. Add hidden cupboards to the vanity unit, behind the mirror and inside wall recesses to hide away the essential but unsightly toiletries, leaving your shelves and surfaces free for a few luxury bath products in beautiful and decorative containers.