Remodeling Your Kitchen and Bathroom

What's On your Wish List? Must-Have Kitchen Features that a Remodelling Genie Will Grant You!

When it comes to kitchen designs, it's important to think big, especially if you want to achieve your dream kitchen. After all, setting your bar high could lead to great results. Now that you have an upcoming remodeling for a new kitchen, you can have it all – and more!

Some of these features are extravagant while others are downright practical, but all are worth considering if you want to achieve a unique kitchen design.

Quartz countertops

Quartz is a high-end surface material and for good reasons. It's a human-made countertop material that excels over natural stone, and also echoes the natural appeal of other materials such as marble and granite.

Quartz has a deep natural lustre that is yet to be achieved by other countertop materials. When remodeling for a new kitchen, you'll love the myriad options offered by quartz—from honed, polished, patterned or flecked designs.

Also, quartz is nontoxic, nonallergic, resistant to stains and scratches as well as easy to maintain. What's not to love about this material.

Custom cabinets  

Fell feel to toss in some sleek custom cabinets on your wish list to pair with the beautiful countertops. Custom cabinets will provide better value for your new kitchen compared to stock cabinets.  When it comes to achieving the kitchen on your dreams, you want a customized personal selection to address your goals.

Counter-depth refrigerator

If you're remodeling genie has gone through the trouble of granting you sharply tailored cabinets, it would be a shame to ruin the lines with an oversized fridge.

A true counter-depth fridge offers a built-in cleaner look.

Deep drawers

Kitchen drawers that probe the depth provide marvelous utility. It's important to consider this arrangement when planning your new kitchen to give you easy reach in access for large cooking pots and pans.

A bottomless sink

A bottomless sink makes for luxurious ease of use. You can easily fit a large pot fully for cleaning or refilling. Also, if you wish to leave an item or two for a later cleaning, they won't be visible in your deep sink.

A little extra depth, especially in a bar sink, is an easy and an affordable feature for your new kitchen.

Dishwasher in a drawer

Besides looking like a regular drawer, a drawer dishwasher is efficient for when you want to clean a few dishes.

On counter appliance garage

An on-counter garage houses appliances you often use but want hidden out of plain sight for a cleaner appearance. Your remodeling genie will grant you an appliance garage based on the sizing of your appliances.

What else is missing and you'd like it included in your new kitchen? Make sure you communicate your goals with your remodeling contractors to guarantee that kitchen you've always wanted. For more information, contact a business such as Bowtie Joinery.