Remodeling Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Renovating on a Budget? Where to Save and Where to Splurge on Your Kitchen Renovation

There is a lot to consider for a successful kitchen renovation, especially when it comes to cost. Before you even realise, your gorgeous cabinets and fancy floor have swallowed up nearly half the budget, and you haven't even paid the remodeling contractors or even considered your new appliances.

With a little creativity, you can achieve that kitchen that makes your heart do a little jig every time you think about it. Here are a few tips on where it's okay to cut a few budget corners on your kitchen renovation and where to let your spending go a little crazy.

SAVE money on cabinets

Custom cabinets are beautiful, but they could set you way beyond your budget. You don't necessarily need to spend money on new cabinets if your existing cabinets are in good working condition. If the cabinet layout works well with your current renovation, consider repainting, refacing or restoring your old cabinets.

If you're going through a major renovation, you can save on cabinet material by going for veneer cabinets rather than solid wood.

SPLURGE on cabinet hardware

Now that you've saved money on your cabinets, go ahead and spoil them with a little cabinet 'jewellery' for a more individual finish. Splurging on knobs, handles and pulls provides a fast, affordable cabinet refresh.

SAVE on kitchen flooring

Your kitchen flooring could see your budget disappear rather quickly. As such, it's important to set budget and stick to it. Consider choosing more budget-friendly materials such as reclaimed wood, rubber, bamboo, porcelain, engineered cork and vinyl since they are less likely to break your bank.

If you have a small kitchen, feel free to spend on porcelain for a new floor. Porcelain tiles resist cracking and chipping making it a favourite for budget and longevity.

SPLURGE on the Kitchen splashback  

If you're still thinking about those beautiful budget breaking floors you had to renounce, it's time to indulge yourself in a little high-end splashback. For example, natural stones, white subway tiles or neutral coloured tiles will grow old with your kitchen and will never expire.

Since a splashback occupies a smaller surface area, you can widen your options and choose a splashback material you really adore.

SAVE on kitchen appliances

Consider free standing appliances, as they are inexpensive compared to built-in appliances. Alternatively, cabinet depth appliances will help achieve a streamlined look similar to the one you'd otherwise achieve with built-in appliances without spending extra money.

SPLURGE on kitchen countertops

Since countertops make the focal point of a kitchen, you might want to spend more to add beauty and value to your kitchen renovation. Splurge a little and choose natural stone or granite for a statement-making surface.