Remodeling Your Kitchen and Bathroom

3 Areas That Homeowners Looking to Remodel Their Bathroom Need to Focus On

If you are thinking about renovating your bathroom but don't know where to start, you've come to the right place. There is a whole raft of things you can do to improve the functionality and aesthetics of your bathroom. Here are a number of bathroom renovation ideas that should be on your radar because they can offer a high return on investment.


Personal hygiene products such as bathing soap, shaving cream, body lotions, paper towels, cotton swabs, deodorants, etc., are usually stored in the bathroom. Not having an inconspicuous place to store these items can leave the bathroom looking all cluttered and shambolic. Adding cabinets is a wonderful way to maximise on the storage potential of your bathroom, but also keep it looking spick-and-span. When you are choosing bathroom cabinetry, be sure to choose a material that can hold up well against the extremes of the indoor environment and a finish type that adds to the beauty of your bathroom.


Any time you are in the bathroom, your feet will come in contact with the floors. Therefore, your bathroom floors should be an integral part of your renovation job. If the tiles on your bathroom floors look worn and faded, it would be a great idea to replace them. Because bathroom floors are often wet, make sure you choose floor tiling that dries quickly and has a textured finish for maximum slip resistance. Textured ceramic tiles or honed natural stone tiles would be a suitable choice for your renovation.


The lighting in your bathroom must always be good because of the inherent risk of a slip and fall. Aside from that, a well-lit bathroom gives the impression of a larger space, a feature that is especially essential for smaller bathrooms. There are lots of light fixtures that are specially designed for use in bathrooms, including ceiling light fixtures, flush mount fixtures, vanity light fixtures, accent light fixtures, recessed light fixtures, etc., all coming in different materials, styles and finishes. Bathroom mirrors can also be strategically positioned on the walls to reflect the light towards darker parts of the room.

There are many other areas of your bathroom you can focus on to ensure you achieve the desired renovation results. A good starting point would be to establish your goals and priorities in advance and seek a bathroom remodeler's help in determining the best way to achieve those goals and priorities.